November 06, 2008

Touch the wave

Another iPhone audio app, this time free:

Touch the wave

Basically you just have to upload an audio loop to a web server, type the address on the app to download the loop and you are good to go, you can loop the audio, change loop points, scrub and change tempo, pretty good to pull some vinil like scratches.

status: on the toolset

TAL plugins

Now, some really good sounding plugins (instruments and effects) from Togu Audio Line, the best part is, all freeware:
Virtual analogue bass synthesizer.
Improved version of U-No-60.
(Juno 60 clone)

Polyphonic (6 voices)
Bandlimited oscillators
One syncable LFO with five different waveforms
24 dB lowpass filter with self oscillation, non-resonant high-pass filter
Fast ADSR envelopes
Smooth cutoff changes (also with midi controllers)
Velocity sensitive filter envelope
Midi learn for all potis
Supports all sample rates
20 Presets

Virtual analogue bass synthesizer.
(SH-101 clone)

Bandlimited oscillators (saw, pulse).
Sub-oscillator: square -1 oct., square -2 oct., pulse -1 oct, pulse -2 oct.
-18 dB/octave low-pass filter (resonant/self-oscillating).
LFO (frequency: 0,1 .. 30 Hz, waveforms: sin, tri, saw, rec, noise).
Very fast nonlinear envelope (A: 1.5ms..4s, D: 2ms..10s, S: 0..100%, R: 2ms..10s).
Simple Arpeggiator (up, down, one octave mode).
2x Unisono Mode.
Panic button.
MIDI automation for all sliders and pots.
Precise fader control while holding down the "Shift" button.
Supports all sample-rates.
2x oversampling.
23 presets.
Tutorial pdf.
~2.5% CPU (Intel Core 2 CPU 6700, 44.1KHz, 24Bit, buffer-size 1024 Samples).

Vintage delay effect.

Synced delay times (1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1/1, 2/1 and trippled and dotted notes).
4x oversampled distortion stage.
VU-Meter shows gain reduction.
LFO (low pass cutoff and delay modulation, stereo width).
6dB resonance low pass filter.
3dB high pass filter.
Midi learn for all pots.
20 factory presets.

Go download the plugins and have some fun making music.
Status: on the toolset

November 02, 2008

This time, a nice piece of software, if you are a musician and iPhone owner, you probably have heard of, for those not aware of it, it's a programmable real time/sequenced sound synthesizer.

I'd say you'll have a hard time finding another soft synth for mobile platforms as good as this little gem, if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch and a lot of time to play with it, go buy it, you won't regret it!

status: on the toolset


Let's start with BeatMaker, a music app for the iPhone, it's a sample based sequencer -MPC style- with plenty of options to keep you busy creating the next top 40... or worst 40 if you want to, is up to you.

The best thing is you can export MIDI/audio mix of your songs to continue work on your DAW, pretty good for the traveling/commuting musician.

status: on the toolset


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